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Hey there, I’m Stew

Welcome to The Balance Hub, a blog for Dads that want to work from home, a café, beach or anywhere you choose actually.

I’m passionate about the work life balance that a flexible work arrangement can provide.

I achieved it myself after quitting a corporate legal job in early 2014 (a month before my daughter was born), and the shake-up was the best thing I have ever done.

Now I love what I do for a living (building online businesses) and I have the freedom to spend time with my family whenever I please.

This freedom changed my life.

So much so, I have started this site to document my experiences as I pursue that wonderful work life balance, hoping that others might be inspired to do the same.

Basically the happiness it provides makes me feel that all parents should strive towards it too.

The pages of this blog will be dedicated to making that happen for all of you.

Whether you want to work remotely for an established company, start your own home-based business, or enter the hustle of making a living online, I hope to be the resource that you turn to for help and discussion.

I am a work from home dad and I love this life.

I want you to have a chance to love it too.