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10 Important Steps Before You Ditch Your Job & Go It Alone

Whether you’ve started an Ebay store, a photography business or gaining work as a consultant in your field of expertise, it is common for entrepreneurs to begin their business as a side-hustle.

However, frustratingly, the full time job eats up most of your day. You would much rather spend more time working on your baby enterprise.

Naturally, you will be tempted to stack the eggs in the one basket as soon as the side-gig shows signs of working.

The important thing here is patience and preparation. Especially with a family in tow.

When the enviable (if not immensely nerve-wracking) time comes for you to ditch the day job to concentrate wholly on the business, there are some steps you need to take first.

If you don’t plan the leap properly, you could find yourself sheepishly asking your old boss for your job back. And nobody wants that.

Here’s the steps you should take to make the transition as successful as possible:

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20 Home Based Side Hustles That Can Actually Support a Family

To write this article I took myself back to the beginning. What was going through my head when I first decided to work from home?

How did I make the change from a career as a contract lawyer, to a guy that could work in his pajamas?

And while I talk about the reasons I made the leap here, (the short version is I was sliding into depression as a result of my day job), there was one fundamental issue I had to be sure of before I quit my job.

I needed to make enough money to support my family.

We all have different versions of what that means. You could have savings (we didn’t), you could be mortgage free (we weren’t) or you could have an alternative form of household income to bridge the gap.

Unfortunately we had none of these.

To wave the mid-digit to my boss, I had to find a way of making money.

When you have a family there is no other choice. This is where the potentially lucrative side hustle steps in.

Before I was comfortable enough to hand in my notice, I had to find a money making venture I could start alongside my full-time job.

I then needed to build that side hustle into a business that would support my family over the long term.

After that, I was free… Read More