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Work From Anywhere: The Insider’s Guide to Finding the Best Remote Jobs

For those keen to start working from home for a better work life balance, and ultimately to see more of their kids, one of the toughest obstacles is the search for legitimate work from home (WFH) opportunities.

In fact, anyone with even a passing interest in the remote working lifestyle will have at one time googled ‘work from home jobs’.

The result?

A litany of spammy looking websites offering ‘$500 a day just for using Facebook’.

When I hook up with friends currently churning the rat-race, one subject that always comes up is how they can work from home?

For everyone of one them the idea seems so unattainable, (my life is almost exotic as a result), because they have no clue where to start looking.

If you do not want to set up your own business or enter the world of the online gig, where are those stable, high quality remote positions that you would be happy to bet your family’s livelihood on?

With scams left, right and center (a good rule of thumb, if it seems too good to be true, then it most probably is) and ‘real’ job placements with pay far from sustainable in the western world, it is no wonder so many people stick to the grind of the office 9 to 5.

Well I have some great news for you.

There are quality, well paid work from home job listings out there.

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10 Work-From-Home Jobs that Will Pay You Over $100,000 a Year

A stable income is essential for any parent.

Where there’s a family to feed, leaving a comfortable, regular salaried office 9 to 5 to start scrapping around the work-from-home-job market is a step too far for most sane-minded people.

However, for many of us the lure of the work-life balance remains.

Rather than waste 2 hours in a commute every day, we want to spend that time with our kids.

How can you go about doing that, while still earning enough money to sustain your comfortable standard of living?

It is more than possible.

As I explained here; there are a ton of legitimate remote working opportunities available, if you know where to look.

Furthermore, as the list below shows, not only are there good career prospects for those that want flexibility at work, there’s also some damn fine salaries available to boot.

More and more big businesses are offering work-from-home options, and as my research shows, you could make upwards of six figures in some of these roles.

More than enough to pay the mortgage.

So are you ready to change your life?

Good, let’s get to it.

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